Funding and Capital Economics


07 Jun 2017 — Samantha Hodgson

The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) brings you together with senior decision makers from the world’s most innovative and forward thinking asset managers globally. OTC Space Registered readers can access a 20% discount on registration.

24 May 2017 — Sol Steinberg

The global financial crisis highlighted the importance of liquidity in functioning financial markets. Pre-2008, market participants received easy access to readily available funding and were ill-prepared for events that transpired during the credit crisis. Failure to adequately assess and manage liquidity underpinned major market turmoil, triggering unprecedented liquidity events and the ultimate demise of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and other financial institutions previously thought too big to fail.

11 Apr 2017 — Samantha Hodgson

WIRED Money 2017 brings together the innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs defining the future of the finance industry: OTC Space Registered readers can access a 20% discount on registration.

01 Mar 2017 — Peter Walsh

Razor Risk will also provide high level demonstrations of their “off the shelf” solution that will sit between existing Market Risk and Front Office pricing tools so that the firm can maintain BAU processes whilst preparing for the Fundamental changes that BCBS 352 will require. The Webinar is targeted at all involved stakeholders, bringing together the major drivers behind Business Users (Risk Managers), Front Office Capital Consumers, FRTB Programme Managers and Technology Implementation Teams whether the firm is going for a Standardised Approach (SA) or a combination of SA and Internal Model Approvals (IMA).

03 Jan 2017 — Samantha Hodgson

Users have been voting with their clicks as to the most interesting articles, and we've developed a list to show you which 30 articles have been the most popular. This list is as-of January 1st, and shows our all time most viewed articles. We've also provided a list of our most popular articles in November & December 2016, and will continue to update these lists.

19 Dec 2016 — Bill Hodgson

Did you know that a group of senior buy- and sell-side people meet in private each year to freely debate the state of the OTC market, and hear from regulators on the future direction of regulations?

22 Nov 2016 — Steven Griffiths

Over the past year, I’ve been speaking to buy-side UK and European clients and discussing issues they might not be aware of yet instead of challenges they are currently facing, with the aim to bring best practises from a variety of sources on the latest developments to incorporate in their business and add value; whether it’s trading practises, collateral optimisation or pre-trade total cost analysis (TCA).

21 Nov 2016 — David Hill

I've recorded a very short video to explain ClearCompress, including what it does, how it does it, what it costs and how quickly we work. Check it out, and the 3D ending!

18 Nov 2016 — Samantha Hodgson

The Summit for Performance, Risk & Attribution (SUPRA) brings you together with senior decision makers – leaders within Asset Management Risk & Performance – from the most innovative and foreword thinking firms globally. Join your counterparts this November in London, to learn, benchmark and make valuable new industry connections. OTC Space registered readers can obtain a 20% discount on registration.

05 Oct 2016 — Ricky Maloney

Capital is a serious issue, or at least its preservation is. The crisis of ‘07/’08 exposed the financial services industry to tremendous losses to the extent that companies went bust, were taken over or bailed out by government. Ensuing inquiries concluded that excessive levels of risk had been taken in search of reward and that the risk takers were inadequately protected in terms of capital and provided for in terms of liquidity.

26 Aug 2016 — Samantha Hodgson

Your source for breaking news, valuable insights and innovative solutions for the listed derivatives and cleared swaps community. Over three days of engaging programming, you will connect with business leaders, industry stakeholders and top regulators.

19 Aug 2016 — Ted Allen

In this video of the webinar, originally broadcast on the 28th of June, our panel discusses the latest research into the effects of mandatory clearing and bilateral margining on your collateral management activity.  This item is the full length composite version with all three parts.