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smart contracts
04 Aug 2017 — Bill Hodgson

This paper – Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledger – A Legal Perspective – outlines a possible near-term application of a smart contract for derivatives, and highlights the importance of a more formal representation of certain legal clauses and actions within the ISDA Definitions to enable them to be represented and executed via smart contract code.
02 Aug 2017 — Lloyd Altman

A new partnership in advance of MiFID II Reporting between RegTek.Solutions and Deutsche Börse

26 Jul 2017 — Lloyd Altman

The November 1st EMIR Reporting Big Bang webinar took place on the 22nd of June. If you couldn't attend you can now watch the video over on the RegTek website.

19 Jul 2017 — Alan McIntyre

On Monday the 10th of July the CFTC published this roadmap that gives a view of the trail leading to Christmas 2019. It might only be the start of Q3, 2017 but this ten-page document means we can take a sneak peek under the tree and see what the 2019 Christmas pressies contain.

07 Jun 2017 — Lloyd Altman

On the 3rd of April ESMA published the latest version of their EMIR Q&A with changes to the details of trade reporting in 18 categories. The changes cover diverse areas including product and entity identifiers, margin, collateral, UTIs, notionals, positions, new fields and increased validation.  On November 1st you need to be ready for these fundamental changes, join our webinar to ensure you understand what is needed and how to check early you've achieved compliance.

07 Jun 2017 — Samantha Hodgson

The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) brings you together with senior decision makers from the world’s most innovative and forward thinking asset managers globally. OTC Space Registered readers can access a 20% discount on registration.

22 May 2017 — Robin Moody

Many firms need to create or modify ISDA CSA agreements to achieve compliance around the world with the Uncleared Margin Regulations (UMR). This survey will give you an insight into what other firms are doing to become compliant. We will reveal the results live at a webinar and explain the options for carrying out the repapering and implementing your agreements.

15 May 2017 — Samantha Hodgson

The OTC Derivatives Summit of the Global Fixed Income Institute is an annual event which has now been running for over ten years. Those in the know refer to the Summit informally as the Pennyhill Park event – where a group of the most senior buy- and sell-side individuals debate (in private) the latest challenges running an OTC derivatives business.

10 May 2017 — Jenny Nilsson

In 2009, a new international consensus was formed when the G-20 met in Pittsburgh. International leaders agreed that transparency and oversight of the OTC derivatives market was key to international financial stability.

26 Apr 2017 — Alan McIntyre

January shed some light on the European regulatory reporting timelines but provided a mixture of both relief and pressure.

01 Mar 2017 — Frank Caccio

Join us for this free webinar where we will blow you away with the simplicity with which you can setup new procedures, delegate them to team members, and watch as they check off tasks and update the managers dashboard in real time.

23 Feb 2017 — Christian Nentwich PhD

In previous posts, I have explored a few themes around why Duco is made available as SaaS (Software as a Service) and what we learned along the way:

Here is a 2017 update!