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23 Feb 2017 — Samantha Hodgson

The team here at The OTC Space are pleased to announce the availability of the downloadable PDF edition of Rocket 9 featuring four articles on Uncleared Margin Regulation plus 8 articles on a regulation, trading, clearing and post-trade. Get your free copy here, and send one to your colleagues.

13 Feb 2017 — Lloyd Altman

A recent Google search on the term “RegTech”, which is short for Regulatory Technology, returned no less than 260,000 results and the news section is filled with more than 13,000 articles.

24 Jan 2017 — Lloyd Altman

Risk Focus, Inc., the specialist solutions provider to the global capital markets, today announced the launch of a new firm, RegTek Solutions Inc. (RegTek).

12 Jan 2017 — Alan McIntyre

Despite being a relatively new standard, ISO 20022 is gaining increasing significance and traction within the world of European regulatory transaction reporting. ISO 20022 is the successor to ISO 15022 and at the risk of revealing my age I recall implementing ISO 15022 standards for SWIFT messaging when I worked at Blackrock many years ago.

09 Jan 2017 — Frank Caccio

Over the past 20 years the investment management industry, and specifically hedge funds, has achieved tremendous growth. As assets under management increased, so did diversification in strategies and investments. During that time investors have become very sophisticated in their selection of investments as well as the operational due diligence process. This growth and sophistication has reinforced the critical role of operational executives, and their teams’ responsibility to effectively manage the operational infrastructure. These are the people, functions and technology that are an integral part of keeping these firms thriving.

03 Jan 2017 — Lloyd Altman

Firms use Validate.Trade to test reporting software to reduce the cost and risk of change to pre-validate trade reports before they fail at the ARM, TR or SDR resulting in better control and compliance!

03 Jan 2017 — Samantha Hodgson

Users have been voting with their clicks as to the most interesting articles, and we've developed a list to show you which 30 articles have been the most popular. This list is as-of January 1st, and shows our all time most viewed articles. We've also provided a list of our most popular articles in November & December 2016, and will continue to update these lists.

19 Dec 2016 — Bill Hodgson

Did you know that a group of senior buy- and sell-side people meet in private each year to freely debate the state of the OTC market, and hear from regulators on the future direction of regulations?

01 Dec 2016 — Hugh Daly

MessageAutomation grows their engagement with Andile in South Africa.

29 Nov 2016 — Samantha Hodgson

The team here at The OTC Space are pleased to announce the availability of the downloadable PDF edition of Rocket 8. Formatted in landscape to fit your computer or portable device screen, this edition contains inside information on what's happening in the industry. The PDF is attached below, and contains a great set of articles from previous and new authors.

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24 Nov 2016 — Banu Apers

In order to buttress financial markets against another 2008 crisis, mandatory margin rules are being introduced across the globe. This article explains the timelines, gives a global settlement timing cycle chart, checklists for Legal, Operations, Risk, Tech, and Front Office. 

21 Nov 2016 — David Hill

I've recorded a very short video to explain ClearCompress, including what it does, how it does it, what it costs and how quickly we work. Check it out, and the 3D ending!