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13 Aug 2015 — Samantha Hodgson

See the most popular articles under the categories: Clearing, EMIR, Regulation, Collateral Management, Dodd Frank, RSS Feed, Funding and Capital Economics, Risk Management, and Trading.

12 Aug 2015 — Samantha Hodgson

As of today, The OTC Space 'Knowledge' section has been updated. Items are now listed in alphabetical order, making them easier to find, and new items have been added. This section provides a useful go-to when needing to clarify terms, phrases or names contained in articles, and can also be used to broaden knowledge of the OTC markets by browsing terms.  Most of the terms in the Knowledge section are short descriptions, but some of them have lengthy background articles including Primers by John Kiff at the IMF.

11 Nov 2014 — Bill Hodgson

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