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01 Sep 2016 — BIS Feed

The BIS published their trienniel survey today which shows a change in the balance of OTC business activity to the US from the UK:

24 Oct 2014 — Nick Dunbar Feed

Bill: This article is from Nick Dunbar, a writer on the capital markets and is imported from his RSS Feed. You can see more of Nick's stories by visiting his Profile, look in the Imported Articles tab, and click Follow to add these to your personal home page.

06 Oct 2014 — Bill Hodgson

My latest article in the Calypso Ci Magazine is out, where consideration is given to the competitive position between the five big Exchange / Clearing verticals, including ICE, CME, LSEG, Nasdaq and Eurex. You can read the article over at the Ci website here, or we'll publish it later on this too.

Update: Supplementary Information About Eurex Repo

01 Sep 2014 — Bill Hodgson

Regulators see a new future for the OTC market without LIBOR as the central benchmark

15 Aug 2014 — Bill Hodgson

There is a perception among some commentators that only a small fraction of derivatives activity relates to hedging that benefits the ‘real economy’.

28 Jul 2014 — Bill Hodgson

Did you even know the years best attended sell-out conference exists?

07 Jul 2014 — Bill Hodgson

Palgrave have updated their website and put up a nice page with our logo, offering you lucky readers 8 different books all at 30% off. The latest one is "Equity Derivatives Explained":

02 Jul 2014 — Amir Khwaja

Recently we have started to see stories on large LCH-CME Switch trades (aka Basis Swaps) starting to be traded.

16 Jun 2014 — Amir Khwaja

In this article, I will look at whether we can see any differences in USD Interest Rate Swap Prices in the Dealer-to-Dealer and Dealer-to-Client markets.

06 Jun 2014 — Bill Hodgson

Rocket now lives - the first edition is being printed today, for distribution at International Derivatives Expo next week. If you want to receive a *free* copy of the Magazine, visit this article here for full contents and how to register and store your postal address. We will begin posting copies to readers towards the back-end of next week, so get clicking now. Sneak preview below.

03 Jun 2014 — Bill Hodgson

Competition in the hybrid interest rates market expands later this year.

30 May 2014 — Bill Hodgson

I know you think this about garden design in southern Europe, but instead it's the mysterious measurements needed to understand trades with optionality.