May 20, 2014

How Ready Are Firms for Mandated European Clearing? | Make Your Voice Heard

One of the questions which many in Europe would like to understand, is how ready (or not) firms are to participate in central clearing, especially now that ESMA are working through the regulatory process to begin mandatory clearing. The OTC Space is conducting research via interviews, and a survey (below) to gather information to put substance into an article to answer this question. A new writer for The OTC Space (to be added to the Profiles section soon) will do the offline research and interviews, but to support this we'd like as many people as possible to fill in a very short survey on-line. The survey has 6 questions:

  1. Are you ready for clearing? (if yes, then click to complete the survey so you are included in the stats and move on with your life)
  2. What sort of firm are you? (Buy-side, Sell-side, Service Provider, Consultancy, Other)
  3. From which regions will you be engaging with European Clearing (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia)
  4. Which areas of your firm need more work (Legal, Risk Management, Operations, Technology, Compliance, Front Office, Middle Office, Other)
  5. Approximately when will you be ready for clearing? (a Date)
  6. Which European CCPs are you considering connecting to? (ICE, CME, KDPW, LCH, Eurex, OMX, other)

The survey is quick to complete – I'm no fan of lengthy surveys either, but the data will provide more substance to our research. If you can spare the time, it would be greatly appreciated and you'll see the survey results once you finish the survey immediately on your screen, based on answers gathered so far.

The survey is here:

Once you complete the survey you will be returned back to this site. Many thanks, from The OTC Space team.

P.S. If we get this done quickly, the results may be included in the forthcoming OTC Space Magazine "Rocket" – in production right now – add your mailing address into your registration details to receive a free copy.

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