February 5, 2012

iBooks Author update

I’ve been following the process to become a book publisher at Apple, first obstacle is to get a US Tax ID.

On the IRS (Internal Revenue Service, not Interest Rate Swap) is a phone number to call, be prepared to wait for an answer for 20 minutes or so.

Once answered the process is straightforward but spelling out my county ‘Hertfordshire’ and my town ‘Welwyn’ and my email address took some time.

So I now have a Tax ID, an EIN, as it is called. I completed the Apple application form and waited a week, and Apple sent a message saying they can’t verify my EIN.

It turns out the EIN isn’t yet published to the database or register and takes two weeks to occur. I’ve searched for a way to check my EIN registration but so far not found an official IRS search page, only commercial sites who want to charge $50.

Does anyone in the US know of a way to check my registration or see what’s published by the IRS?

In the UK any company registered at companies house can be viewed for free.

Once I get registered with Apple I have a few ideas for books, I’ll let you know once I publish something.

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