April 11, 2019

ICYMI ISDA AGM 2019 Round Up

The ISDA 2019 AGM is now over. For those that saved time by not travelling, here's most of what came out from the event.

Poll outcomes

ISDA ran various polls with the attendees, here's a summary of voting taken from the ISDA Twitter feed 

  • 38% say they are working to identify collateral management challenges
  • 36% say they see uncertainty on implementing FRTB for Asia (but that probably applies globally)
  • 45% say they are digitising legal documents (I assume beyond scanning PDFs, but turning them into true digital data)
  • 37% say they will be ready by the end of 2019 for an ISDA protocol on IBOR fallbacks (many are already ready)
  • 38% think investment in collateral management will bring the biggest technological benefit
  • 39% say the complexity of the OTC market infrastructure is a barrier to processing
  • 66% say their investment priority is to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • 78% say we will have robot lawyers in 10 years time. Were any of the voters lawyers?


  • The issue of market fragmentation:–-key-issues-and-impacts
  • Blockchains and DTCC video with Valentino Wotton:–-depository-trust-clearing-corporation-dtcc
  • Replacing dumb contracts with smart ones video:
  • Board member updates:
  • FRTB rules analysis:
  • CEO SCott O'Malia remarks:’malia-welcoming-remarks
  • Chairman Eric Litvack remarks:
  • ISDA Margin Survey:
  • ISDA CDM and DAML:

That's it until next year.

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