January 29, 2014

ISLA 23rd Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference | 2014

ISLA's 23rd Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference

Please join us in 2014 at the only event of its kind in Europe, organised exclusively by market participants. Now attracting in excess of 600 attendees such as senior market participants from banks, broker dealers, asset managers, beneficial owners, hedge fund managers as well as securities regulators – this event is the key European event in your Securities Market Calendar.

The 2014 ISLA conference will focus on the key issues facing the securities finance participant chain, commencing with a look at the demand side dynamics, reviewing the issues affecting intermediaries and concluding with the beneficial owner community responding to the previous debates' findings and expressing their own thoughts.

Attend the event to:

  • Understand the challenges facing participants in today’s securities financing industry
  • Establish your opportunity in a changing market environment
  • Find out why new participants are entering the industry and how you can benefit
  • Learn how others manage their risk and discuss best practice
  • Debate and network with expert speakers and fellow market participants

The OTC Space will be attending the event and also moderating a discussion:

Collateral Evolution – risk management and CCPs – what does this mean for Securities Financing? (19th June)
  • How do risk managers view risk in 2014?
  • What has been learnt since 2007?
  • Are CCPs a reality for the Securities Finance industry,
  • What are CCPs' collateral management policies and what asset classes will be acceptable collateral?
  • How do regulators view the benefits of CCPs and how will the industry incorporate the complexities of managing this process? 

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