March 1, 2012

Jobs for Grads & Under-Grads

New business in the City employing students launches JDX Consulting ( has launched a new business to solve staffing needs in city institutions not served by other sources of people. JDX is recruiting graduates (or under-grads) who are energetic, communicative and enthusiastic to be placed into short and long term roles within banks, investment managers, trading firms and other institutions. Example work assignments are:

  • Re-keying accounting data into a new software platform
  • Setting up new customers on an electronic global trade confirmation system
  • Loading up derivatives trades into an electronic processing platform with their customers
  • Reviewing expenses claims and looking for patterns
  • Redacting (putting black lines through) names and addresses on legal documents to ensure privacy before sending offsite

JDX has a lively team at their office in Farringdon, we will provide all graduates with training specific to their work assignments, and in most cases a two week programme to teach you about the capital markets, its products and services, so you are able to fit into your roles and be oriented towards the companies you work at. JDX will support each person or team whilst on site to ensure both they and the client are happy with progress. We will provide drinks, fun and frolics to build team spirit, in addition to attractive pay rates. If you're lively, able to take the initiative, like hard work, can communicate well, especially with customers and new contacts, are capable with a computer and software such as Word and Excel, then get your CV together and sent it to the address on this page: If you know someone who might be interested, pass them this info and tell them to get in touch.


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