December 2, 2011

LCH SwapClear Valuation Update

Three CCPs in one day, a record, update here, text below. The upshot being SwapClear (with support from their members) have moved to OIS pricing for the major swap curves.


As part of SwapClear’s scheduled enhancement programme and to ensure the most accurate valuation for risk management purposes, LCH.Clearnet Limited will, as of 05 December 2011, be using single currency basis adjusted (“Tenor”) curves that are fully calibrated to OIS discount curves to correctly determine the associated cash collateral when performing variation margin calculations.

Extensive consultations with SwapClear members indicated that cleared interest rate swap portfolios should be discounted according to an OIS curve rather than a Libor curve, referred to as Discount Risk. This ensures that LCH.Clearnet will be valuing according to market in the event of a SwapClear member default, when the majority of bids for the auction portfolio will be on this basis.

Accordingly, LCH.Clearnet will be enhancing the valuation methodology for EUR, GBP, JPY and USD portfolios across the SwapClear membership.

This enhancement in valuation methodology is necessary to ensure LCH.Clearnet reflects accurate valuations of its members exposures and hence mitigate the risk arising.

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