November 7, 2016

Legal Data Documentation Challenge – A New White-paper

We are proud to announce our next white-paper on The Legal Documentation Data Challenge. Managing legal agreements has long been a challenge for many financial institutions. Perhaps the most pressing priorities right now are the ISDA Master Agreements and Collateral Support Annexes (CSAs). But there are many other agreement types including GMRAs, GMSLAs, ACAs, CTAs… the acronyms are endless.

The problem is how best to extract accurate agreement terms from executed legal documents, and get the data to the systems that need it for key business processes such as on-boarding, trading, risk management and collateralisation. The two key goals are compliance with new regulations; whilst minimising operational risk and cost. This paper examines the regulatory drivers, key business processes and emerging technology solutions for management of legal agreement data, and suggests a structured approach to addressing these challenges.

This 16 page in-depth report covers multiple leading vendors in the Legal-Tech space, and how their platforms enable:

  • Agreement creation
  • Agreement negotiation
  • Document assembly
  • Extraction of terms
  • Distribution of agreement data
  • Governance of agreements
  • Maintenance of agreements to avoid decay

The paper sets out the critical functionality your firm should be looking to acquire and includes diagrams and facts about the legal space which everyone needs to know. Vendors and service providers covered in the paper include Allen and Overy, Axiom Law, Exari, Logical Construct, PWC, Seal Software, Semantic Evolution, SmartDX, RAVN and Recommind (OpenText).

Get your copy of this new paper from here:

The Law Meets Technology – A Breakfast Event

If you are interested in the white-paper, then you might like to attend our next breakfast event, organised with The OTC Space. The event will feature five of the firms above, Axiom Law, Logical Construct, Seal Software, SmartDX and Recommind, along with a special edition of Rocket magazine. To find out the agenda and full details visit and be the first to know by joining the mailing list.

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