December 6, 2011

Multi-EMIR world, all the texts

I naively assumed that in Europe we had one copy of the proposed EMIR document, when in fact there are three, an original plus modified texts. Once you’ve compared all three and produced a neat table showing the differences, you can send it to me and I’ll add it to this post. ;-)

PDF versions

  • September 15th 2010: European Commission Text here (generally regarded as the main EMIR text)
  • July 5th, 2011: European Parliament Text here
  • October 4th 2011: European Council Text here (latest text which A&O are working from)

All three bodies are now discussing (‘trialogue’ in Euro speak) and debating a combined text, which in theory is due by the end of the year (2011), but maybe more likely to arrive next year, given the need to coordinate with the US in some areas.

Original sources

European Commission proposal:

Last European Parliament Text:

Latest Council Text (General Approach):

Credit to A&O

Big thanks to Samantha Riley & Emma Dwyer at A&O in London for pointing out where these are. If you need a lawyers opinion on EMIR (or Dodd Frank, CFTC or SEC), ask Sam & Emma, not me. ;-)

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