June 12, 2019

New approaches to collateral management – within UMR: Webinar with OTC Space

Is your collateral team running like clockwork? In this webinar we will dig into the ways you can prepare your team for UMR to keep them working at maximum efficiency.

Since the financial crisis, collateral management teams at financial services firms have been under pressure to do more with less. This is even more evident under the new uncleared margin regulations by which almost all firms will be captured as of September 2020. There have been many webinars talking on 'how to achieve compliance' – we want to move onwards into 'how to run a great team'. 

This webinar will explore best practices and new approaches to achieving the highest levels of efficiency and automation in Collateral Management in this complex regulatory environment. From operational strategies, to global teamwork, to technology, our panel of industry experts help you navigate the right choices for your firm across the entire collateral workflow, including:

  • The scale and scope of effort for phase 4 & 5 firms 
  • What firms have learned about implementing UMR and IM so far
  • Why manual solutions are inadequate for IM challenge
  • Making use of the latest industry tools for communication, reconciliation and settlement
  • Using rule-based workflows for incoming calls and the exception-based approval
  • A cautious update on the consequences of the 50mm IM threshold
  • What a good 'day-to-day' process looks like in collateral
  • High powered teamwork – coordinating the work of team members and managers

Panelists include:


Bill Hodgson, Editor – OTC Space

Join me / us on: Wednesday July 10th – 4pm GMT/11am ET

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