February 7, 2012

New ‘burst capacity’ resourcing solution, JDX

The winds of the economy are blowing through banks who are shedding staff (in some areas) like autumn leaves. At the same time the amount of regulatory change is higher than ever, driving increased amounts of projects and change. Change brings work, some of it needing experienced leaders, some it being bulk work such as updating LEIs, backloading, customer on-boarding, updating CSAs, FATCA, KYC, the list goes on.

This bulk work needs a resourcing solution which provides intelligent flexible help, with training and support to complete the job. The new business at is intended to fill this need, fitting into existing resourcing solutions in a new way, consider this:

  • The big four consulting firms offer strategic advisory services, priced accordingly
  • Many firms offer management consultancy, and make a margin on their staff, but are aiming at the high value engagements
  • Temping agencies provide short term people, but with little or no support and follow-up
  • Contractors provide skilled help, but also at a high daily rate, not justified by the bulk tasks that need doing

JDX Consulting will provide pre-trained high quality graduates, with full support, to meet your needs.

For more details have a look at the JDX web site, full contact details are there. I am affiliated with the JDX business providing expertise and management to the new graduate staff, plus can offer attractive pricing for one or many individuals to complete your staffing plan. Give me or JDX a call to discuss how we can help.

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