July 20, 2020

New Podcast on Collateral, Margin and Analytics: Margin Matters

A new podcast has arrived intending to cover all things to do with margin, entitled Margin Matters. The series has been specifically created to shine a light on critical areas and themes within the financial industry. The broadcast is hosted by Virginie O'Shea of Firebrand Research. Virginie is a capital markets fintech research specialist, with two decades of experience in tracking financial technology developments in the sector, with a particular focus on regulatory developments, data, and standards. She is the founder of Firebrand Research, a new research and advisory firm focused on providing capital markets technology and operations insights for the digital age.

Episode 1 – 'WFH Edition'

In the inaugural Margin Matters podcast, fintech founders Liam Huxley of Cassini Systems and Christian Nentwich of Duco talk to Virginie O’Shea from Firebrand Research about how they got into the industry, what they’ve learned during the crisis and the unique challenges the industry has faced so far in 2020. They also delve into the regulatory delays for key pieces of derivatives regulation such as UMR and get the lowdown on what the European Commission has in store for the rest of the year.

An extract from the broadcast

Liam: So if I think about some of the buy siders, Yes, they're they're pretty rapidly adopting new technologies, but you have to bear in mind the custodians or the marketing for some of the market infrastructures have huge vendor risk management documents that they go through. Sometimes they discount smaller vendors just because they have to go with household names. So I'd say some bits of the industry have been able to move faster and others have been held back somewhat, and I think of the scrutiny that they face from regulators, we're having a lot of focus from the FCA on vendor risk at the moment.

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