October 5, 2011

News via RSS and following this Blog

There are three ways to follow this blog:

  1. Via RSS, see below
  2. Via Email, click the Follow button on the right
  3. Via Twitter, see the Contact page


Keeping track of industry news can be laborious if done manually, what some people don’t realise is that RSS provides a way to follow the news without much effort.

On many websites now, or in your favourite web browser you’ll see this icon:  (although somewhat smaller).

What you need to know, is that clicking this icon, lets you add a feed of news items from that source, and have new stories appear in your news feed automatically.

  1. Get yourself a news reader – the best way (IMO) is to use Google Reader – it works continuously whether or not your computer is switched on, and you can receive stories via the web or using many iPhone apps. Go to google and sign up.
  2. Configure your browser – the best way to add subscriptions is to ensure your browser offers the choice of adding an RSS feed straight into Google Reader. Chrome has a plug-in to achieve that, as does Firefox and Safari – check their extension / plug-ins catalogues.
  3. Find some feeds – see below for a suggested set for follows of OTC markets
  4. Get an iPhone / iPad / Android app, and point it at your Google Reader account
Suggested Feeds:
One final source of news is Twitter, here’s who I follow (not all market sources, some personal interest)
That should keep you busy for a while – any problems, just email me.

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