Message Automation

Message Automation

Message Automation is the leading specialist provider of Post Trade Control solutions. We help clients manage the multiple trade processing challenges created by new regulations and market practices across all asset classes in OTC, ETD and FI markets. Built around a central data model in which we harmonise all internal and external data our solutions include: Trade Reporting; House/Client Clearing; Affirmation/Confirmation; Management of diverse reports from clearing houses and brokers; Platform Connectivity and Collateral Messaging. Message Automation’s solutions can be implemented individually or brought together to provide a holistic view of the post trade lifecycle, for control, compliance and exception management.

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Message Automation’s proven business solutions cover many of the key aspects of post trade flows for derivatives including affirmation, clearing, trade and transaction reporting, and reconciliation, plus the management of inbound collateral and margin information.  We already solve these challenges for our customers, across asset class, across multiple affirmation platforms, clearing houses and trade repositories.  This range of capabilities enables us to orchestrate and then monitor events in real time across the post-trade lifecycle.  The current status and full details of any breaks or exceptions to the normal flow are then always readily available. A key benefit of our approach is that we harmonise and consolidate data from multiple internal systems providing a true single view.  In addition to comprehensive workflow and exception management functionality, including repair and remediation, the Post Trade Control dashboards provide valuable KPIs and consolidated management information.  Performance information or break data from other applications such as legacy reconciliation applications, confirmation matching systems etc. can be consolidated and brought into the same secure fully audited environment. 

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Hugh Daly, Chief Executive Officer

Hugh has overall responsibility for the company's product strategy, partnerships, marketing, and operations. Prior to co-founding Message Automation Hugh was an Executive Director of Financial Objects plc, responsible for the 100-strong IBIS Division, which had more than 70 international banking customers and offices in New York, Singapore, Luxembourg and Prague. His previous experience including seven years in corporate banking in the U.S. and Europe and four years consulting and programme management in Central/Eastern Europe and the Far East.


Neil Thomas, Chief Technical Officer

Neil Thomas is co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Message Automation. He is responsible for all technical aspects of the products, from architecture to ensuring that any relevant new technology is investigated and where appropriate utilised. He has been involved in software development for over 24 years and been responsible for messaging/payments and confirmation software that is still in use in over 50 banks worldwide. He has a BSc. in Mathematics from London University and also sits on the Advisory Board.


David Farmery, Chief Operating Officer

David spearheads the company's business development efforts. He also is responsible for the company's consulting activities, plus finance, legal, and HR functions. Prior to joining Message Automation in 2005, David had seventeen years in a variety of banking roles in the city, most recently as Chief Operating Officer of Nordea London Branch. David is a Chartered Accountant and a qualified Corporate Treasurer.


Ian Chester, Marketing Director

Ian Chester has been a non-executive Director since 2004. Ian has over 30 years’ experience in financial technology with companies such as BIS Banking Systems; Terence Chapman Associates; Financial Objects and Calypso. Ian is also a Director at salesClarion limited which specialises in assisting Fintech companies with all aspects of bringing products and services to market and in this role Ian is actively involved with Message Automation sales and marketing activity.


Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Non-Executive Chairman and Chief Scientist

Anthony is Professor of Software Systems Engineering at University College London, and Dean of Engineering Sciences Faculty. He is a leading researcher on Software Engineering. Anthony has made significant contributions to research on the management of distributed information. He has published more than 185 papers in this and related areas and held grants in excess of £12m. He holds numerous positions of professional leadership. He is also a well-known industrial consultant and media commentator.

Message Automation is primarily a technology solutions provider, but our 100% record of satisfied clients could not have been achieved without our consultancy and services offerings.

We have deep domain expertise in the field of Post Trade Control for derivatives and as such we can advise clients on how to satisfy internal, external and regulatory challenges in this area and assist in implementing our solutions. Our solutions are built so that configuration and integration can be carried out by our own experts, by one of our partner companies, or by our clients’ own teams. This includes the following areas:

  • Mapping of internal systems to our MAML data model. We have experience of using our mapping tools to help clients map to most of the leading vendor systems (e.g. Murex; Calypso; Summit; OpenLink)
  • Configuration/Tailoring of our standard industry validation sets to meet particular market/client situations.
  • Configuring routing and workflow rules.
  • Configuring the Message Automation dashboard to meet individual client requirements for internal control purposes.

In practice we have supplied ‘turnkey’ solutions for some of our smaller clients, while a number of the larger clients are close to self-sufficient in the above areas, relying on Message Automation to provide and update our standard industry connectivity solutions.   

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