J.P. Morgan Asset Management Launches Active Fixed Income ETF: JPMorgan Income ETF (JPIE)


J.P. Morgan Asset Management has announced the launch of JPMorgan Income ETF (JPIE) ("the fund"), an active fixed income ETF which targets debt securities across the fixed income universe, seeking to deliver yield with lower volatility and attractive distributions. 

Using sector allocation shifts, JPIE invests in a wide variety of debt securities that have the potential to maximize income while reducing portfolio-level risk. JPIE draws upon the combined expertise of the firm's Global Fixed Income Currency and Commodities (GFICC) platform, providing the best ideas from diverse asset class expertise and broad investment capabilities.

"This current cycle has shown that passive fixed income investing has some limitations and may not be able to deliver the full range of portfolio stabilization, diversification and return enhancements benefits most investors now expect. In this environment, investors can benefit from intentional exposure to securities and sectors that active management can provide," said Bryon Lake, Global Head of ETF Solutions at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. "For when our clients need the active expertise to navigate macro and micro market challenges, JPIE uses a flexible, opportunistic approach that combines strategy and sector rotation, delivering a liquid, cost-effective and efficient way to build and manage a diversified fixed income portfolio."

The fund is managed by Portfolio Managers Andrew Norelli, Andrew Headley and Thomas Hauser, all of whom also manage the JPMorgan Income Fund (JMSIX) and have 75 years of combined industry experience (full bios below). The experienced managers bring high yield, securitized and macro backgrounds, and draw on the best income ideas of a global team of more than 290 investment professionals.

The launch of JPIE expands J.P. Morgan Asset Management's active fixed income suite to ten products, joining JPMorgan Ultra-Short Income ETF (JPST) which recently won Fund Intelligence's 2020 Fixed Income ETF of the Year1. J.P. Morgan Asset Management also recently won 'Best US Fixed Income ETF Issuer' in 2021 from ETF Express2.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management's full U.S. ETF suite consists of 38 products with more than $68 Billion in assets under management. J.P. Morgan Asset Management ranks as a top seven ETF issuer in the U.S. with respect to AUM3, and number two in net flows across active ETFs in the U.S. for 20214.