December 4, 2011

Occupy Finsbury Square London

A less well known site for the Occupy movement is Finsbury Square in London, right outside the Bloomberg Offices. I had a read of their materials and their big issues, which are hard to argue with are:

  1. The top 1% got us into an economic mess, which is the fault of politicians, but Bankers get hit as being a close second
  2. The top 1% of people by salary or wealth aren't suffering the cuts anything like the other 99%
  3. The average salary in the whole of the UK is around £26,000, compared to the salaries for CEOs mentioned in newspapers in the millions
  4. They're pissed off that the people in power, that have the wealth, and choose to inflict austerity on those who don't have power or wealth
  5. So their conclusion is to 'replace capitalism'

I don't see what exactly will satisfy the camp and motivate them to pack their tents – I think it's more likely the cold weather (if it ever arrives) will be a strong incentive. Photos below, click to embiggen them.

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