May 14, 2020

One Repository to Rule them All : UnaVista

UnaVista TRADEcho part of London Stock Exchange Group, is delighted to announce that it has been approved by the ESMA Board of Supervisors to be registered as a trade repository under SFTR. 

When SFTR reporting obligations go live in July, firms will need to report their Securities Financing Transactions (SFTs) to an approved Trade Repository, such as UnaVista. The regulation is designed to increase transparency, allowing regulatory authorities to assess the risks associated with these transactions. 

UnaVista’s SFTR Trade Repository will be available through the same award-winning, web-based technology as MiFIR and EMIR. With reference data to help firms enrich their reports and, flexible collaborative reporting models to help firms work with counterparties and extensive reconciliation and analytical tools. UnaVista helps to make complicated and costly reporting, simple and cost-efficient.  UnaVista has already made its SFTR UAT available for firms to ensure they have plenty of time to test before go-live. 

Mark Husler, CEO, UnaVista:
We are delighted that UnaVista has been approved by ESMA as a trade repository for the new SFTR. UnaVista’s approach to SFTR is to simplify things as much as possible for our community, that means making easy to prepare, test and connect and then providing tools to help firms improve their reporting once live. This will mean that our customers and their clients will be able to ensure compliance with their SFTR reporting obligations from day one in a simple, cost-efficient way.

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