February 19, 2020

OpenFin Adds Tier1 to its Platform

Tier1 Financial Solutions, a relationship management technology provider for capital markets and banking, has partnered with OpenFin to deploy Tier1's solutions across financial desktops.

Running on OpenFin's web-based operating system, Tier1 provides a desktop app experience and interoperability with internal and vendor applications. This allows separate and distinct applications to work in harmony and provide cross-functionality to support a continuous exchange of information.

"Tier1 provides best-in-class CRM capabilities for financial professionals and is being used by many banks who also use OpenFin," said Mazy Dar, CEO at OpenFin. "By bringing the two platforms together we are enabling faster and smarter productivity."

"Innovation is one of the most important things we are focused on at RBC Capital Markets. Being able to interconnect our desktop applications together will improve our ability to service our customers," said Kim Prado, Global Head of Client Insight, Banking and Digital Channels technology for RBC Capital Markets.

"Our vision at Tier1 is to create an all-encompassing dealer-wide CRM, connecting what was once a disparate and distinct group of applications needed to manage a client," said Doug Christensen, Tier1's Vice President of Strategy. "This collaboration with OpenFin will allow us to leverage interoperability and integrations that were once not possible without a significant investment in technology."

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