April 18, 2016

OTC Derivatives Panel Video from Clearstream 2016 GSF Conference

Listen to an expert panel from AcadiaSoft, UBS, Commerzbank, UBS and BNP Paribas discuss the changing OTC market. Topics include Bilateral Margin Regulations, Collateral, the Leverage Ratio, Long Term debt.

In January this year, Clearstream hosted their Global Securities Finance conference, highly popular with many hundreds of attendees. The panel featured strong expertise on margin from the following:

  • Bill Hodgson, Owner and Editor of The OTC Space (Chair)
  • Chris Walsh, CEO of Acadiasoft
  • Adam Willis, UBS, Global Head of OTC and Repo Collateral at UBS
  • Rob Scott, Commerzbank AG, Head of Custody & Collateral Solutions at Commerzbank AG
  • Romain Dumas CSFB, Head of Government Repos and Bill trading
  • Boudjema Fares – BNP Paribas, Equity and Commodity Derivatives Strategy & Risk

Topics for discussion included the bilateral margin regulations, collateral management, the capital leverage ratio, the use of long term debt to cover margin exposures, triparty platforms, the AcadiaSoft platform, re-papering margin agreements, the net stable funding ratio (NSFR) amongst others.  The video is the entire panel session so about an hour long, feedback on the day was that this was amongst the most popular at the event.

We had many questions asked in real-time during the session, not all of which got answered. If you have questions please get in touch via my profile page (icons for email, LinkedIn and Twitter on the right hand side)

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