March 19, 2015

OTC Space Registered Readers Demographics

Reader statistics were last provided on the 12th of December, and we’re pleased to announce we now have more than 2,000 registered readers, including 344 new readers since our last report in December 2014, in addition to casual daily visitors.

We thought you might like to know who the readers of the site are, and look behind the curtain, Wizard of Oz style. Reader statistics were last provided on the 12th of December, and we’re pleased to announce we now have more than 2,000 registered readers, including 344 new readers since our last report in December 2014, in addition to other daily visitors. 

For each reader who registers we capture:
•    Name
•    Email address
•    Public profile URL (such as LinkedIn)
•    Employer
•    Job Title / Role
•    Number of Years Experience
•    Region (Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa)

We then clean that data to produce additional data:
•    Functional role (such as Collateral Management)
•    Organisation Type / Sub-type
•    Proper name of Employer (the raw data is often cryptic)
•    Experience band (0-5 years, 6-10 years and so on)
•    Whether they receive the printed version of Rocket Magazine

Rocket Magazine Distribution

Rocket Magazine has proven popular with recipients, many readers receive their (free) copy direct to their letterboxes, some pick them up at conferences. We've pulbished five editions so far: Rockets 1, 2, and 3 have enjoyed a combined print run of 5,100 copies. We have also produced two special editions, one for the Clearstream GSF conference and one for the Comet 1 Conference next week. We have three more regular issues of Rocket to come in 2015, you can find out more here.

Articles Distribution

OTCS uses various methods to make articles available to potential readers, in summary:



Daily email alert


LinkedIn Connections


LinkedIn OTCS Group


LinkedIn OTCS Company Page





A few

In addition to these methods, OTCS has membership of the following LinkedIn groups, which will also receive an announcement of an article on a manual basis to achieve maximum coverage:

•    CCP Clearing Houses (8,799 members)
•    Collateral Management (4,785 members)
•    Derivatives Clearing (2,206 members)
•    Business Analyst and Project Managers (18,161 members)
•    OTC Derivatives (4,594 members)
•    Programme Managers / Directors (18,846 members)
•    Financial Services Regulations (160,920 members)

Breakdown by Seniority and Region

The first chart shows our current readership by region, the largest readership growth having been in Europe with an increase of 197. This is followed by an increase of 89 in North America, 54 in Asia and 2 in South America.

Readers by Type of Organisation and Region

The chart shows the number of registered readers split by the type of organisation they work at and the region of the world they work in.

Readers and Years of Experience

In the chart below the bar indicates the total number of registered readers in each experience band, with the light blue indicating that we hold a postal address and will send a printed copy of Rocket Magazine to them each quarter.

  • 37% of readers have 0 to 9 years experience (and 63% have 10 years experience or more)
  • 41% have 15 years experience or above

Function by Experience Band

From the raw data captured on registration for Role / Position a reasonable mapping can be made to a functional area. In many cases the role title such as “VP” gives no indication of what a person actually works on, so the top category of Function is “Management”.  Please take this chart with a pinch of salt, it can only be indicative given that we don’t ask people to actually pick a functional area upon registration.

If we had more data from which to break out the Management category, the functions lower down the chart would swell dramatically.

Registered Readers Growth

The curve flattened over Christmas as people focused on their real lives, then picks up again this year.


If you have questions about the data underlying these charts, please get in touch. All reader data remains private to the OTC Space – apart from when you see the [S] icon on a home page brick – click it to see the conditions under which reading that item may involved your details being passed back to a sponsor – possible but rare. 

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