October 20, 2016

Post Trade Forum – Meeting 1 – Uncleared Margin – Join Today

The Post Trade Forum is in independent working group for people to ask questions, exchange ideas, and move the agenda forward on how to improve the processing of OTC products. Open to all, with an agenda driven by the industry.

The first meeting of the Post Trade Forum is coming up next week on Thursday 26th, with two times slots, one for Asia and one for everyone else. To find out the agenda, and how to join, visit this page:

The OTC Space Post Trade Forum

The purpose of the meeting is to enable industry dialogue around the many challenges in processing OTC derivatives products.

  • This isn't a webinar, it's interactive, you will be able to speak and ask questions
  • There are no paid sponsors
  • Open to all, buy-side, sell-side and vendors
  • Has continuity – if you can't get an answer during the meeting, we will solve it afterwards
  • We will link you to the right experts
  • Priorities driven by the group
  • Meeting materials and answers will be circulated to all

Join the mailing list here to be notified of the meetings, and materials resulting from the discussions. We have already sent joining instructions today (Thursday 20th), and will do so again next week.

Survey Results

An on-line survey is still open to find out peoples priorities – you'll see the results once you click Submit, instantly.

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