October 7, 2014

Project Manager Role | Immediate Start

Short term contract working alongside the OTC Space


Working at a start-up company in London (not for The OTC Space but alongside), actively creating an industry platform targeting un-cleared OTC derivatives. The business will deliver risk reduction through multi-lateral netting, and therefore margin and capital reductions.  The company based in the West End, is looking to add a Project Manager to expand the Project Management Office, aimed at the Legal, Compliance, Risk, Operations and Finance departments.

Goals & deliverables

  • Work with each department to gather and organise existing lists of tasks, issues and deliverables
  • Create detailed plans for each department, showing the tasks and deliverables to reach the go-live date for the business (and eventually beyond)
  • Apply a priority to project tasks and sequencing to represent and solve inter-plan dependencies
  • Create and run internal working groups to expedite progress on plans across the departments
  • Maintain relevant Issues and Action lists for each department
  • Provide status material into the Programme Steering Committee including top priority deliverables, project risks & issues
  • Work with the Head of each Department, or Project Accountable Executive, to achieve their sign-off on the plans
  • Support the Head of each Department or Project Accountable Executive in updating the plans, working across the organisation
  • Build a good working relationship with other Project Managers in the firm, including those within the Technology team, and with our implementation partners

Reporting Line

This role reports into the Enterprise Programme Manager, who in turn reports to the CEO. The Enterprise Programme Manager (EPM) seeks to coordinate and resolve issues across the creation of the whole firm, on behalf of the CEO and Senior Management Team. The EPM facilitates the Programme Steering Committee into which this PM Role will provide significant input.


This is a role for a mid-level candidate who would:

  • Be familiar with OTC derivatives products
  • Be familiar with the OTC market infrastructure in the US and EU including the lifecycle from execution to settlement, and CCPs
  • Be working now or have worked in a similar banking environment
  • Have worked outside of IT on business projects
  • Have experienced a similar project framework with multiple Projects, Stakeholders and a Governance structure
  • Be skilled at using desktop software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project (or equivalent)
  • Be familiar with central clearing and the concepts of a typical CCP
  • Have experience of Project Management (of course)
  • Be able to work in West London

Next steps

Send materials below to

  • Your CV
  • Your availability date
  • Your target rate, which must be not more than £650 per day
  • Examples of your own work, demonstrating your ability to create, maintain and report on project plans, in PDF format
  • Any other material or references which supports your application



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