October 24, 2013

Register for the Future of Collateral Optimization Webinar | 4Sight & Intedelta

4sight and Intedelta would like to invite you to a webinar on how financial firms can optimize trading decisions based on:

  • Regulatory Capital Optimization: What is the cost of capital for a trade per unit of P&L? (RWA, CVA, Balance Sheet Usage)
  • Collateral Optimization: What are the Funding Costs?
  • Counterparty Optimization: Is it more profitable to trade bilaterally or via a CCP? If via a CCP then which CCP is optimum?
  • Trade Type Optimization: Can the firm generate more P&L by deploying an asset in a securities loan, repo, or to collateralize a derivative?

The webinar discusses how to calculate the different optimization types and how they are interrelated. Click  on over to Register for the Future of Optimization Webinar. (American spelling?)

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