Richard Tromans

Richard Tromans

Richard Tromans Consulting

I provide law firms with strategic and innovation advice.  ​I works with law firms mostly in the UK 100, but have worked with barristers' chambers, US law firms, firms across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. 

I help lawyers to make the best decisions on strategic matters, whether domestic or international. I also help law firms develop the right innovation and technology strategy that is suited to their needs, especially in relation to Artificial Intelligence (AI). ​

Areas where I help law firm clients include:

  • Law Firm Mergers
  • Strategic Intelligence​
  • ​​Innovation Analysis and Advice​
  • New Market and Growth Analysis
  • Strategy Planning, Analysis and Insight

Artificial Lawyer Blog

Artificial Lawyer is a news and views site dedicated to the area of advanced legal tech, especially any developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation of legal tasks.

Artificial Lawyer welcomes guest posts from all those interested in AI and advanced legal tech and its impact on the legal market.

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About Me:

I have spent over 17 years working in the legal sector focused on the UK and global legal markets. My focus is on strategy and innovation.

I previously worked at Jomati as a Strategy Consultant and as the firm’s Head of Research. I spent five years there covering a variety of advisory work, initially in support and then directly, for clients across a wide range of jurisdictions and sector focuses. This included law firms, barristers chambers and litigation funders. I also authored the Jomati Report thought leadership series between 2010 and 2014.

Prior to that, I worked at US-based, Hildebrandt International, as Report Editor in its Strategic Intelligence Group, then the largest legal sector consultancy in the world. It was here where I also began my career as a consultant to law firms after being asked to contribute to client advisory projects.

Before becoming a consultant I held senior, legal sector editorial roles in London and Paris, first as International Editor of Legal Week, then later as Senior Writer at European Lawyer.

My Approach: 

My objective is to provide the best possible advice, intelligence and insight into the strategic or operational issues a law firm may be facing. 
The value I bring is in my commitment to strategic planning, the quality of my research, my experience and knowledge of the legal market in the UK and globally. For me success is measured by how much I have helped the management to make the best decisions to meet their goals and then see them meet those goals.