November 18, 2015

Rocket 5 Downloadable PDF Edition

Rocket 5 is now available as an on-line edition formatted for tablets and computer screens. This edition contains 80 pages of new content.

The team here at The OTC Space are pleased to announce the availability of the Rocket 5 'download edition'. Printed copies of the magazine have been distributed and should arrive with readers shortly. With all original content, we're confident it's going to be popular; the last edition got lots of positive feedback. All four previous editions are also available for free download here:

Rocket 5 contains the following articles:


  • Fundamental Review of the Trading Book: by Michael Bryant
  • Almost there? A bumpy road to the margining regime for non-centrally cleared derivatives in Europe: by Silvia Devulder
  • Compliance is a Journey, not a Goal: by Bill Hodgson
  • Financial regulation of the energy and commodity trading sector – what is happening and what could it mean?: by Aviv Handler
  • EMIR Review: EMIR revisited or EMIR II?: by Peter Ten-Broeke
  • Equivalance: The Key to Global OTC Reform: by John Philpott


  • Booking structures: time for an update?: by Hamish Woodhouse

Post Trade

  • Enabling Product Innovation for Asset Managers through Derivatives Governance: by Geoff Cole and Jackie Colella
  • A Bridge Over Troubled Waters? Bringing derivatives under effective control: by Hugh Daly
  • Bilateral OTC margining: marathon or spint?: by David Field


  • Readiness for Mandatory Clearing (or maybe "Ready… Set…Go!"): by Jamie Gavin
  • CCP Notionals Scoresheet: by Amir Khwaja

Collateral Management

  • Collateral management for the buy side: time to take control?: by Eléonore de Vial
  • Bilateral Margin Headache Solved: by James Cherry

Risk Management

  • Compressions: a controlled risk to improve the leverage ratio under Basel III: by Diana Higgins


  • How to Spot an A-Player in an Interview Process: by Daniel Halstead
  • Being your own coach: by Penny Davenport

The PDF is attached below, click to download; please share this page with your friends and colleagues as this is open to all readers.

Printed copies of the magazine have been distributed and should arrive with readers shortly. If you do not receive a printed copy of the magazine soon and would like to, visit The OTC Space shop to subscribe.

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