July 29, 2014

Rocket Edition 1 | Downloadable for PC, Mac and Portable Devices

Get your copy of Rocket right away and send to your friends.

We are proud to publish an electronic edition of Rocket Edition 1, formatted in landscape style suitable for most desktop and portable devices. The printed edition of Rocket has been popular, we have distributed around 800 copies so far, anyone who has registered recently and provided a mailing address will receive theirs in the near future. Meanwhile the e-Rocket contains the following:

  1. Clearing Houses, Bill Hodgson – Winners and Losers (new)
    • An updated chart of CCP clearing notional amounts and commentary on the state of the cleared market
  2. European Trade Reporting, Amir Khwaja – What’s the Point?  
    • A review of the public data available from European Trade Repositories
  3. EMIR: A Progress Report, Bill Hodgson (new)
    • A check point on where implementation of EMIR has got to, and what it has achieved
  4. Replicating CCP methodologies for validation, pricing and ‘resource management’, Sandy MacFadzean  
    • Why you want to think about using VaR at the pre-execution point
  5. Clearing House Authorisation Under EMIR, a Score Sheet, Bill Hodgson
    • Which CCPs are now officially authorised by ESMA
  6. Ten Tips to Understand Credit Risk to Central Counterparties, Diana Higgins
    • Clearing isn't risk free, this explains secondary risks you face 
  7. The Cost of Using the Cleared OTC Market (new), Mas Nakachi
    • The impact of moving trades into a CCP
  8. How Big is the OTC Market Really?, Jon Skinner  
    • Putting the OTC market in comparison with the value of other assets classes
  9. Swap Futures – The Next Big Thing? (new), Bill Hodgson
    • Are Swap Futures going to take over the world?
  10. Volker Rule Hedge Accounting, Sol Steinberg 
    • Changes to US regulations around Hedge trades
  11. Comparing VaR and SPAN, Ben Larah
    • A high level comparison of the OTC and ETD margin models
  12. Backwards? Regulators Systemic Risk: Have Got It Reduction, Jon Skinner
    • An opinion piece on the order of new regulations
  13. State of the Markets (new), Amir Khwaja
    • Data and charts on activity in the OTC market in 2014
  14. Decision Support and Analytics for Clearing, Peter Walsh (new)
    • Can you or should you replicate CCP IM calculations?
  15. The Difference between a Boss and a Leader and What This Means for Generation Y, Penny Davenport (new)
    • How do people behave when given Leadership roles?
  16. Smooth Sailing Ahead – Paloma Migone
    • Regulatory change isn't over yet

Download your copy below, and circulate widely.

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