September 29, 2020

Schroders Deploys SteelEye for MiFIR Transaction Reporting

SteelEye has been selected by the global investment manager, Schroders for MiFIR reporting. The service was successfully deployed in July 2020.

SteelEye is designed to provide clients with full visibility of their entire MiFID II transaction reporting workflow, including efficient and automated tools that enable them to easily and seamlessly manage any over or under-reporting, as well as data validation errors. SteelEye provides:

  • Sophisticated MiFIR eligibility checks
  • Analytics on rejection handling from both the Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) and National Competent Authority (NCA)
  • MiFIR data validation rules
  • The ability to edit transactions directly within the platform
  • A full audit trail of all activity
  • Automatic submission schedules

"The SteelEye implementation has helped us to improve the level of control and accuracy we have around our MIFID II transaction reporting," said Keith Frimpong, Global Head of Operations Change at Schroders. "We selected SteelEye because of the quality of their technology, the expertise demonstrated by their team and their willingness to support our tight implementation timelines."

"MiFID II Transaction Reporting was the first RegTech service on the platform when we launched SteelEye in October 2017. We are honoured to partner with Schroders and delighted they recognise the value in our reporting solution. This reassures us that our data-centric compliance platform truly addresses an industry need," added Matt Smith, CEO of SteelEye.

SteelEye reduces the complexity and cost of compliance by enabling financial firms to manage their regulatory obligations through a single platform. SteelEye's extensive range of services include regulatory reporting for MiFID II and EMIR, trade and communications surveillance, best execution, transaction cost analysis, record keeping, trade reconstruction, analytics and more.

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