March 20, 2014

Site Features Update

Small but important site updates today – expect to see the introduction of Premium content going forward

A few changes were made to the site today which will provide improvements to readers:

  1. There is a "Help" button on the home page which lets you find out how the site works
  2. Articles themselves now have the Hide (X) and Save (star) buttons so you can keep track of useful material and ditch the items you don't want to see again
  3. Each page also has a "Page help" button on the right hand side, which pops up an email to the Editor with the URL of the page, to which you can add your questions
  4. Premium articles will now display the first section then require registration – we want to begin to learn who the readership are. Premium content is Free but intended to be the higher value editorial content
  5. The featured item colour is now a shade of blue, rather than the unloved purple
  6. The author is shown on each article with the date and the various sections after an article have been tidied up

Let me know how you find the site – any feedback at all is useful so we can respond accordingly, Bill. (see

Click the Star to save an article to your profile, or X to hide it (also in your profile should you change your mind), Click "Page Help" to make a direct enquiry about the content.

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