December 18, 2013

Site Update | 2013 in Review

The readership of the site is growing, a typical day sees 500 unique visitors who in one month consume over 25,000 pages from the site. Over 800 people (and growing) elect to receive a daily email summarising the previous days stories. Hopefully the new site design and tools to help readers select stories of interest will continue to encourage readership, as will new contributors in the pipeline.

If you have the ability to explain the complex, comment on the new developments in the market, and have expertise in one of the main topic channels (Regulation, Trading, Risk Management, Funding and Capital Economics, Clearing, Collateral Management, Post Trade Processing, Market Infrastructure, Technology or Trade Associations) PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.

Many thanks to all who've visited and all who've contributed, this year has been spectacular, and next year will be even better.

Global Reach

The site reaches the parts that some sites don't reach, as they used to say in an advert. If anyone knows someone in Greenland please forward a link and lets get that country coloured in. And Svalbard needs a click too, they do lots of Swaps out there I'm sure.

Popular Posts of 2013

Popular stories on the site this year, in no particular order, are:

  1. Price Alignment Interest
  2. Official Timeline for EMIR
  3. CCP Status Charts throughout the year
  4. CCP Margin Models | Comparing VaR and SPAN
  5. Cleaned Up CFTC Regulations
  6. Summary of the Proposals for Margin on Uncleared Trades
  7. Watch the OTC Market in real-time
  8. Putting Things into Perspective, Comparing Swaps and Swap Futures
  9. OCT 2nd CFTC SEF Deadline Headaches
  10. Welcome to Reporting Hell….

What was your favourite? One of mine was: How Big is the OTC Market Really? and the Development of EMIR 2, due in the medium term and sure to keep us all busy ;-)

Best wishes, Bill.



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