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Today sees more functions added to the website which lead towards the end goal, including Hide, Save, Month bars and Registration Today sees more functions added to the website which
February 20, 2014 - Editor
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Today sees more functions added to the website which lead towards the end goal, including Hide, Save, Month bars and Registration

Today sees more functions added to the website which lead towards the end goal. Key updates include:

  • A solution for firms using IE8 where the home page would be blank
  • A new Save icon on the home page bricks (the Star)
  • A new Hide icon on the home page bricks (the X)
  • Reader registration when using the Save or Hide icons, and for Premium content
  • New month bars on the home page making the flow of bricks more clear
  • New buttons on the home page for Login, and to view your Saved or Hidden articles
Home Page Bricks
The header bar of each story ‘brick’ on the home page can have up to 5 icons:
  • The item type on the left (article, news, event, offer, job)
  • “S” for Sponsored content: click the S to read more before reading a Sponsored article and see below
  • “P” for Premium content which requires registration
  • Star is the Save button, and stores the article in your profile for reading later
  • X is the Hide button, and removes that item from your home page


The whole site is free, you provide your support by registering and providing some biographical data which remains private to the site. The data you provide enables us to understand who are readers are, and which stories you find most interesting. Registered readers enable The OTC Space website to attract sponsors, which in turn make running the site viable by paying for running costs, the development of website and future tools and services. The core contributors to the site do so for their own reasons and are not paid to write by The OTC Space. Some contributors will be Sponsors and their contributions will be labelled on the Home page with an S (see below).
Privacy of your data
All the biographical and contact data you provide to The OTC Space (when registering) remains private and will not be passed to any third party other than as described for Sponsored items. You can understand the consequences of reading a Sponsored item by clicking on the S first, clicking the S does not constitute reading a Sponsored item. Should you read a Sponsored item, the Sponsor will received your First Name, Last Name, email address, employer and years of experience data (see more below).
Accuracy & Aggregate Data
The OTC Space will verify your biographical data, including your employer and years of experience in the industry – this helps us understand readers better, please be accurate with your answers. In some cases you may be contacted by The OTC Space to aid us in verifying your biographical details.
By providing biographical data The OTC Space can derive aggregate data on the characteristics of readers, this aggregate data may be provided to Sponsors for commercial purposes but will not identify you nor any reader specifically.
Premium content
Premium content is indicated by a P at the top of a home page brick. Premium content requires registration as the provider regards the content to be more valuable and useful than typical fully free articles. Reading a Premium article has no consequences at all, other than enabling The OTC Space to be better informed about you as a reader.
Sponsored content
Sponsored content is indicated by an S at the top of a home page brick which is provided by external parties. Click on the S icon to find out more about what the Sponsored item contains and whether the Sponsor will want to contact you (or not). IMPORTANT: Reading a sponsored article means your contact details will be provided back to the Sponsor, but this may not result in you being contacted as the relevance of you to the Sponsor and the content may vary.

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