April 7, 2020

SIX and Nasdaq Partner To Provide European Microwave Routes

SIX has announced that it is to establish a jointly owned company with Nasdaq. The new company, RF Nordic Express AB, will build and operate microwave routes for the transmission of market data from Stockholm to London.

SIX owns and operates the largest microwave network in Europe. Earlier this year it took a majority stake in 12H AG, the operator of its microwave network. This network allows all SIX trading participants to access low-latency market data transmission from Zurich to London, Frankfurt and Milan as well as from Milan to Frankfurt and London.

"Technology and innovation are driving forces behind making markets more efficient and we are happy to partner with SIX in bringing faster and more secure transactions to our customers," said Henrik Husman, Vice President European Equities at Nasdaq.

Microwave technology enables the fastest transmission of market data between trading centres. Signals travel at the speed of light and relayed through the air in the most direct way possible.

Nasdaq and the SIX have been technology partners since 2005 and leverage Nasdaq’s trading technology for all markets, including equities, ETFs, structured products, funds and fixed income, as well as Nasdaq Market Surveillance and Nasdaq Pre-Trade Risk Management.

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