July 31, 2013

Support the OTC Space | Cheap at the Price

If you are a regular reader and enjoy the materials provided here (completely for free), there are things you can do to support the site:

  1. Join the daily email list and get a once daily email with a summary of the days stories, from Monday to Friday at 5pm UK each day (or get itemised emails)
  2. Forward this page to your colleagues who you think would benefit from knowing about the site and encourage them to also subscribe
  3. If you have a website of your own, add a link to The OTC Space (and we will reciprocate). It is important that the text you use for the Link describes the site so:

  4. Connect on LinkedIn to
  5. Follow The OTC Space (the company) on LinkedIn
  6. Follow @theotcspace on Twitter
  7. Like your favourite posts on the site (button at the bottom)
  8. Leave a comment on articles which you find useful – let us know what you think
  9. Email us with ideas for articles – if there's something you'd like covered, we can help
  10. Try to "Beat the Experts" and pose a tough question
  11. Send in your best summer photos, and we'll put together a gallery

All of those things will grow the readership which will eventually help grow the output we provide, and will be received with many thanks, Many thanks, Bill.

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