The Best of 2015 – Happy Christmas from The OTC Space

As of this month we now have more than 3,000 registered readers; It's been a busy year for the world of OTC derivatives, as it has also been for The
December 16, 2015 - Editor

As of this month we now have more than 3,000 registered readers; It's been a busy year for the world of OTC derivatives, as it has also been for The OTC Space. Take a journey with us back through the most popular content of 2015, and revisit some of the 'best bits'.

As of December, The OTC Space can now celebrate its 2nd birthday, and the passing of the 3,000 registered reader milestone. This has all been thanks to a year full of events, articles and news items that continue to put us at the forefront of derivatives know-how. Take a look back with us at the most popular content of 2015, along with some of our most memorable moments, especially if you're a recent addition to The OTC Space family (items that are 'premium' and therefore reserved for registered readers, are displayed in holiday red):

Most Popular Content of 2015

  1. Rocket 4 Downloadable PDF Edition
  2. Rocket 3 Downloadable PDF Edition
  3. Pure Agency: Reducing Client Clearing Bank Capital Burdens
  4. EMIR: Latest news on IRS Clearing Obligation
  5. Increasing the Margin Period of Risk
  6. Derivatives Clearing; it's not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the beginning!
  7. Through a Glass Darkly – Transparency for Non-Equities Under MiFID II/MIFIR
  8. Mandatory electronic execution: what's happening around the world?
  9. EMIR – Aren't We Done Yet?
  10. Will leverage ratio cause an FCM concentration crisis?
  11. Collateral Management Infrastructure: 10 Reasons You Need to Invest
  12. ISDA/FOA Addendum – Do you speak legal?
  13. To clear or not to clear (directly): that is the question
  14. Collateral Optimization: the future of collateral management
  15. EMIR Changes the Collateral Management Servicing Game: Costs and Considerations
  16. Free Webinar: Bilateral Margin Headache – Cure Available
  17. The Future of Clearing & Settlement: A Marketforce Conference
  18. NetOTC launches bilateral platform for non-cleared OTC derivatives
  19. Rocket 5 Downloadable PDF Edition
  20. SA-CCR: risk-sensitive FCM capital but still no IM offset
  21. OTC IRS Clearing – Cross Margining Benefits – Cross Currency versus Cross Product – What Generates The Greater Margin Savings?
  22. Using the GMEX IRS CMF to Hedge a Bond Position
  23. Clearing the Hurdles to Meaningful Trade Reporting
  24. Everything you need to know about swap futures – The Trade
  25. Bilateral Margin Headache Solved
  26. Benefits of Clearing Euro Listed Derivatives & IRS through one CCP
  27. Bilateral Margin Rules – 8 Clues You Need to Know: A Sungard Whitepaper
  28. How to crack clearing in just 10 steps – Damon Batten
  29. What if the Doctors of OTC Derivatives themselves fall sick?
  30. MiFID II: harmonization mandates new business models in the OTC space

The OTC Space 2015 year in review


  • Released Rocket 3 in print and online
  • Hosted our first conference, Comet 1
  • Exceeded the 2,000 registered readers milestone



  • Hosted our first Webinar, alongside TMX Technologies
  • Released Rocket 4 in print and online





We've been registering readers since March 2014, and the new milestone is an example of the ever increasing growth that The OTC Space has seen since this time (growth chart below). The New Year is fast approaching, and with it a 2016 that promises even more insights, events, magazines, and glass-clinking than ever before. We've got big plans for 2016, including monthly Webinars and another conference, Comet 2; stay tuned!

To all our readers, we wish a Happy Christmas, New Year, Pancha Ganapati, Hanukkah, Yule, Milad un Nabi, and any other seasonal holiday you may be celebrating!

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