December 4, 2011

The Killing / Forbrydelsen, Again

I know I wrote about this before, but you really must watch the Danish version (2007) of The Killing, hugely addictive, tense, broody, great acting. We just finished all 20 episodes, a marathon experience but well worth it. There’s a Series 2 on the BBC now, but watch Series 1 first, get it on DVD or iTunes and make space in your life to watch it.

It won the BAFTA this year for Best International TV series, here.

My review on Amazon:

Whether this really is the best TV crime drama in 40 years or just a cleverly written and acted whodunit, the end effect is something you’ll want to, and be unable to stop yourself from, watching to the end. Many many red herrings, great acting, unexpected turns in the plot, and a European grittiness which keeps you wanting more.

I remember a similar series from the US many years ago called Murder 1, which was just as long and labyrinthine, but the fact this comes from Denmark and has subtitles, make it more mysterious and unpredictable. Brooding, moody, tense, and confusing.

Don’t google it too much, or you may find the answer before you enjoy the series….. Highly recommended.¬†

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