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Whilst the headlines in banking are often about trading, clearing and margin, a quiet revolution is going on within the legal departments within the capital markets. No longer does the
November 7, 2016 - Editor

Whilst the headlines in banking are often about trading, clearing and margin, a quiet revolution is going on within the legal departments within the capital markets. No longer does the creation, management and execution of agreements need to rely upon MS Word, file folders and emails, but can be supercharged by new platforms available now. This event co-hosted by The Field Effect is to showcase some of those platforms and give a fresh view on how to manage the lifecycle of legal documentation, whether for derivatives or otherwise.

  • Find out how to store, search and manage bulk agreements
  • Find out how to extract data from previous PDF agreements
  • Find out how to quickly draft and execute new agreements
  • And find out the real nitty gritty of the deployment of these solutions

For full details please the event website here:

White paper

The Field Effect white paper on The Legal Documentation Legal Challenge will be made available to attendees in the special edition of Rocket. If you’d like to get an early copy head over to their website here:

Managing legal agreements has long been a challenge for many financial institutions. Perhaps the most pressing priorities right now are the ISDA Master Agreements and Collateral Support Annexes (CSAs). But there are many other agreement types including GMRAs, GMSLAs, ACAs, CTAs… the acronyms are endless.


The problem is how best to extract accurate agreement terms from executed legal documents, and get the data to the systems that need it for key business processes such as on-boarding, trading, risk management and collateralisation. The two key goals are compliance with new regulations; whilst minimising operational risk and cost.


This paper examines the regulatory drivers, key business processes and emerging technology solutions for management of legal agreement data, and suggests a structured approach to addressing these challenges.

Agenda Overview

  • 8am start
  • Opening speech by Bill Hodgson & David Field
  • Launch of a white paper by David Field on the Legal Documentation Data Challenge
  • Seal Software: Best Practices for Derivatives Remediation Projects
  • SmartDX: The Business Case for Document Automation
  • Axiom Law: From the Trenches of Transformation
  • Recommind (OpenText): From Paper to Data – Recycle Your Agreements
  • Logical Construct: Repapering The Easy Way

Attendee Benefits

  • Hear from five of the hottest legal platforms available today
  • Learn about the latest platforms and techniques to supercharge your legal work
  • Find out how to stretch your budget and achieve more with less
  • Hear about the industry initiatives to help the buy-side
  • Discover the latest technology which rewrites what’s possible for lawyers
  • Receive an exclusive special edition of Rocket magazine for the event
  • Mingle with the experts in your field, and network to find out background on the platforms
  • Browse the exhibition stands and speak to the sponsors directly
  • Imbibe the worlds finest teas, coffees and morning refreshments

Be The First To Know

We are in the final planning steps of the event, and will announce the precise date and venue soon:

When: Early December target date
Where: Central London
What time: 7:30 registration, 8am start

If you want to be first to know and have the opportunity to book a seat, join the mailing list now. Seats will be allocated to the buy-side and sell-side first. Requests to attend from competitors of our sponsors will be subject to acceptance and a ticket fee.

Margin Breakfast Briefing

This event follows on from a packed room who attended the margin breakfast earlier this year. Details of that event and videos of the panel sessions are available here.

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