The Trading Show – New York 2015

Unparalleled opportunities to network, and do business with top trading firms, quant funds, end investors, banks, brokers, and technology providers. The Trading Show Wednesday 7th October 2015: New York The
September 7, 2015 - Editor
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Unparalleled opportunities to network, and do business with top trading firms, quant funds, end investors, banks, brokers, and technology providers.

The Trading Show

Wednesday 7th October 2015: New York

The conference is for C-level executives and technology decision makers from hedge funds, trading firms, prop shops, banks, brokers, trading venues, regulatory outfits and financial service providers.

Speakers will include:

  • Adam Grant: Chief Quantitative Strategist, Volant Trading
  • Alec Schmidt: Chief Data Scientist, Kensho
  • Alessio de Longis: Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Oppenheimer Funds
  • Alexander Fleiss: CEO, Rebellion Research
  • Andrew Bach: Chief Architect of Financial Services, Juniper Networks
  • Anthony Vigilante: Managing Director, Head of Global IT, MacKay Shields
  • Antonio Hallak: CEO, Sibyl Trading
  • Arthur Berd: Founder & CEO, General Quantitative
  • Attilio Meucci: Chief Risk Officer, KKR
  • Brett R. Schlapfer: Managing Member, Bullet Hill Capital
  • Bruno Dupire: Head of Quantitative Research, Bloomberg
  • Bryan Harkins: EVP & Head of U.S. Markets, BATS Global Markets
  • Chuck Chon: Chief Executive Officer, SBI Japannext 
  • David Lewis: Managing Director, Head of Architecture and Platform Services, BNY Mellon
  • David Rukshin: Chief Technology Officer, WorldQuant
  • Dennis Hynes: Chief Operating Officer, Briarwood Molinero International
  • Derek Wang: Chief Executive Officer, Bell Curve Capital
  • Dr Colin Williams: Director, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, D-Wave Systems
  • Dr Pravil Gupta: Chief Technology Officer, Quadeye Trading
  • Dr Tommi Vuorenmaa: President, Triangle Intelligence
  • Ed Simmons: Executive Director, Platform Engineering, UBS
  • Euan Sinclair: Founder, FactorWave
  • Fabio Mercurio: Head of Quant Analytics, Bloomberg
  • Gaurav Sahni: Vice President, Estee Capital
  • Gordon Ritter: Senior Portfolio Manager, GSA Capital 
  • Gregory Martin: Executive Director, Linear Quantitative Research, Global Equities, JP Morgan
  • Igor Halperin: Executive Director, Quantitative Research, JPMorgan Chase
  • Indrani De: Senior Director of Quantitative Research, New Amsterdam Partners
  • Iosif Itkin: Co-CEO, Exactpro Systems
  • Irene Aldridge: Partner, ABLE Alpha Trading
  • James Koutoulas: Chief Executive Officer, Typhon Capital Management
  • Jeffrey Birnbaum: CEO & Founder, 60East Technologies
  • Josh Levy: Managing Director, Tactical Asset Management 
  • Kal Salama: Chief Investment Officer, The Headlands Group
  • Katina Stefanova: Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Marto Investment Partners 
  • Louis Lovas: Director of Solutions, One Market Data
  • Luigi Mercone: Managing Director, BNY Mellon
  • Marcos Lopez De Prado: Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners Llc
  • Michael H. Koegler: Managing Director, Javelin Capital Markets, LLC 
  • Michael J. Levas: Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Olympian Group
  • Michael O'Brien: Director of Global Trading, Eaton Vance 
  • Milind Sharma: Chief Executive Officer, QuantZ Capital
  • Murray Thom: Director, Professional Services, D-Wave Systems
  • Nataliya Bershova: Director, Trading / Quantitative Research, Citadel
  • Neeraj Hegde: Quantitative Trading Architect, Societe Generale 
  • Peter Esler: Global Head of Market Data, Jefferies
  • Rajeev Ranjan: Policy Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Sandeep Tyagi: Chairman & CEO, Estee Capital
  • Sol Steinberg: Principal, OTC Partners
  • Sri Krishnamurthy: Founder & President, QuantUniversity LLC
  • Stéphane Tyĉ: Co-Founder, Quincy Data and McKay Brothers
  • Takayoshi Wiesner: Vice President, Global Capital Markets, Morgan Stanley
  • Tommi Vuorenmaa: Former Head of Research & Trading, Valo Trading
  • Vivian Yang: Director, National Bank of Canada
  • Vladimir Danishevsky: Trading Strategist, Maritime Capital

The summarised agenda is below. The full agenda can be viewed here.

The show will be held at the 'Three Sixty', which offers a 360o view of manhattan and The Hudson River.

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