July 21, 2021

Trading Operating Model Risks and Opportunities

With constant innovation in software and hardware competition between trading firms brings challenges, risks and opportunities. We all know that FinTech firms keep delivering new ways to handle trading and risk management, often quicker than larger 'package' vendors and internal corporate IT departments. Your Trading Operating Model, the combination of people and systems is an asset to be nurtured and sometimes entirely transformed to stay competitive.

The OTC Space met with John Read founder of Prodktr to talk about the trading operating model including:

  • 00:48 : The operating model risks which keep people up at night
  • 02:14 : The options firms often consider to increase efficiency and reduce cost
  • 04:17 : Can we assume eveything should be outsourced?
  • 04:49 : How can firms use the least number of systems to support the largest number of asset classes?

John Read, founder of Prodktr said "Financial firms have seen both disruption and opportunity during the pandemic. High levels of volatility in trading, complex operating models and work-flow, new FinTech, ageing infrastructure and the industry transformation drive to cross asset simplicity, cloud adoption and cost reduction."

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Click the image to play the video.

Watch part 2 here 

More information:

1. Visit the Prodktr website

2. Download the whitepaper:

A risk based approach to transforming your trading operating model : Whitepaper download

3. More videos from The OTC Space:




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