February 11, 2017

Uncleared Margin, Webinar by Axiom, Full Video

The preparations for March 1st are well behind schedule across the OTC market. Find out what firms have been doing, what approaches they are taking, and how to reduce the economic impact of not being ready.

Following our webinar on March 1st Uncleared Margin on February 9th we are pleased to provide a full recording of the event. To help find relevant sections of the video jump to the time codes shown for each slide. The full slide pack is also attached below.  If you have questions, please use the form below to send them in and we will endeavour to reply quickly.

Section 1 – Where The Market Is Today

  • Part 1.1: [02:51] – The market as a whole is behind on the plan
  • Part 1.2: [07:17] – Protocol uptake far lower than anticipated.
  • Part 1.3: [09:09] – Our forecast for March 1st

Poll 1

  • What percentage of your counterparty relationships do you expect to have remediated by Mar. 1?
  • Results: [14:21]

Section 2 – Negotiation Trends

  • Part 2.1 [15:11] Fragmented initial approach to the challenge…
  • Part 2.2 [19:04] … and now a consistent trend away from standardization
  • Part 2.3 [24:38] Summary of trends

Section 3 – What to expect over the coming weeks

  • Part 3.1 [29:38] All hands on deck

Poll 2

  • What percentage of your VM negotiations do you expect to address via amendment (vs. a new CSA)?
  • Results: [31:04]

Section 3 – What to expect over the coming weeks

  • Part 3.2 [32:47] Hoping for silver linings, but expecting thunderclouds
  • Part 3.3 [40:25] Forecast

Section 4 – Options to mitigate the challenge

  • Part 4.1 [46:19] Ensure optimal resource allocation
  • Part 4.2 [52:25] Increase scalability of negotiations
  • Part 4.3 [53:36] Mitigate post – March 1 economic impact

End [57:32]


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