June 24, 2014

Warning – Change to Email Delivery

Please read if you are on the daily email list

If you receive a daily email from the site with the previous days stories, you need to know that we are migrating the distribution of email to a platform which will support personalised email content and timing in the next few days.

From comparing the list of email addresses on the current Mailchimp Distribution List, with the emails registered on the site, there are many hundreds of people who may either not be registered on the site, or using a different email address for their registration. 

What you need to do

  • If you never registered for the site, please do so ASAP, we will then ensure you continue to receive the daily email
  • The new platform will deliver email to the address you registered with on the website, this may not be the one you signed up to the Mailchimp Distribution List originally, in which case edit your profile and change your address if necessary (Login on the home page, and click "My account" to get to your profile, click "Edit" at the top)

We will warn you again when the new email infrastructure goes live, and point out where to change your email notification settings.  If you're baffled, get in touch.

Thank you for your support, this change will support future personalisation of the site, and an expanded range of ways to receive news and articles, coming soon.

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