October 20, 2014

We Want Your Stories | Make a Contribution

Your chance to contribute to The OTC Space

Eagled eyed readers may have spotted a new button on the home page, one which provides the means for you to contribute your own article to the site:

Click it to create your own story

Click Contribute, and follow the screens below to add your own story, we want to hear from you on anything which impacts the markets: regulations, new services, new systems, market infrastucture, trading platforms, whatever you feel others would benefit from reading.

After you click Contribute, give your story a title, place it into the relevant section, and start writing

The body of your article goes in the body section, and the text on the home page brick goes into the edit summary section.

Use the fields to add tags, categories and knowledge items

Use the menus or type in the text boxes to add meta data to your story, helping people find it when browsing.

Complete your story by clicking Submit (but click the tick box first)

We have to exercise editorial guidelines which we list on the Contribution page: 1. Click to acknowledge the guidelines, and 2. Click submit

Your story will be alerted to The OTC Space where we will review and publish your peice to the whole readership. If you're not sure get in touchGet writing – if you have an article with images, we can add those for you, or help with longer pieces.

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