November 4, 2013

Weekly Roundup | Collateral Management | 4 November 2013

The Bank of England May Have Gotten into the Collateral Transformation Business…Will the Fed Follow?

Several news sources reported on last week’s speech by Mark Carney, the former Canadian central banker, now head of the Bank of England. Governor Carney spoke at a function celebrating the 125th anniversary of the FT.  He said a couple interesting things, not all of which were picked up in the press. Securities Finance Monitor: The Bank of England may have gotten into the collateral transformation business…will the Fed follow?

Piecing Together the Collateral Puzzle

Although the absolute supply of high-grade collateral should be sufficient to address the increase in collateral demand, this theory is dependent on firms being able to source their inventories in a centralised and efficient manner. Unfortunately, the capital markets are far from perfect and there is genuine concern that there will be mismatch between where the high-grade collateral is held and where it is needed. Saheed Awan, global head of collateral services, Euroclear, looks at some of the solutions on offer. FTSE Global Markets: Piecing together the collateral puzzle.

Banks’ Business Models: Adapting to the Market

The financial pressure on banks is pulling them into new configurations, some willingly, some less so. Management needs to get a handle on what works and what does not, quickly, says Dan Barnes. FOW: Banks’ business models: adapting to the market

Collateral Management Survey 2013: Collateral Concerns Grow

Insurance Risk’s second collateral management survey in conjunction with BNY Mellon finds more insurers are taking steps to prepare for new derivatives regulation, but concerns about collateral availability are mounting. Risk: Collateral management survey 2013: collateral concerns grow

BNY Mellon Releases New Liquidity Aggregator Tool

BNY Mellon, the global leader in investment management and investment services, has added to its arsenal of risk and collateral management-related services with the introduction of the Liquidity Aggregator, available through the company’s Liquidity DIRECT(SM) portal. Securities Finance Monitor: BNY Mellon releases new Liquidity Aggregator tool.


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