November 24, 2013

Weekly Roundup | Trading | 25 November 2013

SEF Volumes for Week 7 | ClarusFT

The SEF Volume figures for Week 7 are now in. ClarusFT: SEF Volumes for Week 7.

Impartial Access Encourages, But Does Not Require, An Agency Model

In the past I’ve spoken about buy side incentives for using an agency model – chief among them the reluctance or inability to navigate the slew of legal documents an institutional investor would need to sign in order to gain access to the needed SEFs. What’s changed since the November 14th guidance is the last part – the number of needed SEFs. Kevin On The Street: Impartial Access Encourages, But Does Not Require, An Agency Model.

Will Agency Execution Be Needed to Enable MAT to Work? | IFR Article

Given the recent CFTC push to open up D2D trading platforms to clients, how can a SEF get comfortable enough in a client’s guaranteed execution and clearing to prevent clearing rejections? The OTC Space: Will Agency Execution Be Needed to Enable MAT to Work? | IFR Article.

Bloomberg's SEF Launches Trading in 'MAC' Swaps

The standardized swap contracts can boost liquidity on the new OTC derivatives trading platforms and increase efficiency for the buy side constrained by line items. Wall Street & Technology: Bloomberg's SEF Launches Trading in 'MAC' Swaps.

Call for More Flexible MAT Rule

Concern over a rule that will force market participants to trade certain instruments on swap execution facilities (SEFs) should be based on a dynamic review of product liquidity, two panelists urged at the SEFCON conference on Monday. The Trade News: Call for More Flexible MAT Rule.

Clock Ticking Toward Swap Execution

As the countdown continues toward the expected February mandatory trade execution deadline for cleared swaps, futures commission merchants (FCMs) require new workflow and order management capabilities. Markets Media: Clock Ticking Toward Swap Execution.

Europe’s High-Speed Traders Under Pressure to Fine-Tune

There was one overlooked fact in a European Central Bank working paper on high-frequency trading published this month. On page 25 of 57, the report’s authors gave an estimate of the combined global revenue pool of HFT firms. It was $5 billion a year. Financial News: Europe’s High-Speed Traders Under Pressure to Fine-Tune.

CFTC Issues Notice of Temporary Registration as a Swap Execution Facility to LatAm SEF, LLC

Washington, DC — The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has approved the application of LatAm SEF, LLC (LatAm) for temporary registration as a swap execution facility (SEF). LatAm is a Delaware limited liability company. CFTC Press Release: CFTC Issues Notice of Temporary Registration as a Swap Execution Facility to LatAm SEF, LLC.

Five Key Points in ICE's Masterplan for NYSE Euronext

IntercontinentalExchange yesterday ended months of uncertainty over the future of some of NYSE Euronext's key business units, as it laid out its strategic masterplan for merging the two exchange groups. Financial News: Five Key Points in ICE's Masterplan for NYSE Euronext.

Comment: Fair Value Lessons from ‘London Whale’

The US justice department’s civil and criminal charges against two traders at JPMorgan in connection with the so-called “London whale” trading losses have kept the methods employed by banks and investors for valuing complex securities in the spotlight. FT: Comment: Fair Value Lessons from ‘London Whale’.

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