March 15, 2013

Welcome to my Guest Contributors

A variety of people are making a contribution to the site, each of their posts will show their profile at the bottom of the page.

  • Corinna Athanasopoulos (Consultant, Catalyst, London)
  • Tom Riesack (Managing Principal, Capco, Frankfurt)
  • Mihir Vaidya (Consultant at Sapient, London)
  • Amir Khwaja (CEO ClarusFT, London)
  • Gary Kennedy (COO ClarusFT, London)

Corinna wrote a popular article some time ago on the business case for local CCPs here and which is linked from her profile. Tom provided the EMIR timeline on the front page, and has been adding posts on the daily news this week. Mihir spotted a useful link to a report from Tabb on this weeks Clearing milestone here. Amir & Gary will be posting about Risk, and their related services, you can visit their site here. I am open to additional contributors if you have something you want to get out to the readers, and can produce interesting summaries, comments and pointers to good stories. If you think you want to get your name out there, drop me an email via my Contact page. All of the profiles are linked from this page Profiles | The OTC Space and also from the Profiles menu on the site.

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