November 9, 2012

WordPress change control

I realised yesterday that something had gone weird with my site – the headings of blog posts were in a grey box with grey text. I posted a support question with WordPress and discovered that the WordPress theme designers held and internal “discussion” and arbitrarily decided to “improve” the theme I used for the site, rendering the headings into Grey rubbish.

I’ve posted a link below to show the irate conversation I had with their “happiness engineers” about my distinct un-happiness. Their solution which is temporary, is to tweak the CSS for the site so I can get back the original behaviour, but it seems that change control and software versioning are not on the roadmap for WordPress. Nor do they seem to have much interest in allowing users of the Themes to opt-in or out to specific versions of the theme, or future design changes.

One of their brilliant suggestions was to take my whole website and host it with another provider and abandon their own hosting service – basically get lost and sort it out yourself.

I’m deeply underwhelmed by the experience, having been a supporter of the WordPress platform, it now seems there is hidden quicksand behind the scenes which can’t be avoided.

You can read my rant on the link below, meanwhile I’m considering platforms like SquareSpace and Tumblr as an alternative.

Does anyone else have any experience of other blogging sites?

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