November 29, 2012

Yet more CCP status updates

Based on feedback from people out here in Singapore, and more research, my CCP status chart now has added items:

  • Two new CCPs added, one for IRS & NDFs, the other for NDFs only.
  • Two dates moved, updates from public sources but also from research
  • Correction on the notional on one CCP, they were 10 times lower than they should have been
  • Open Interest replaced with equivalent value of Notional for certain CCPs, now I understand what they mean by OI.

At the moment the updated chart is hiding on this page which needs a password. A few people have been kind enough to donate to my Movember fund raising by clicking here to donate, and in return receiving the password. They all get my thanks. I know there's a few of you who've used the chart in your own presentations, or circulated it within your firms, you know who you are…

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