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30 October 2020 — Bill Hodgson

ASX had flagged a delay to the project, which was scheduled for 2021, amid market turmoil in March. A proposed target of April 2022 has now been moved to 2023 after consulting market participants, ASX said in a statement.

29 October 2020 — Bill Hodgson

The 2008 financial crisis and the years following had a drastic impact on collateral management and elevated the importance of its operations as evidenced by many firms’ initiatives to create operational and technological efficiency in collateral management. As a result, collateral management is one of the few functions that is making a dramatic shift from the back office to the front office—a key evolution in a post-COVID-19 pandemic world.

Collateral Management
29 October 2020 — Deputy Editor

BrokerTec has added U.S. Repos to its dealer-to-client RFQ trading platform, BrokerTec Quote. The platform was originally launched for European Repo, European sovereign debt and UK gilts Repo in June 2019.

Fixed Income
27 October 2020 — Bill Hodgson

An OTC Space interview with Scott Fitzpatrick, COO for Acadiasoft. Discussing and learning more about Acadiasoft's newly launched UMR Collateral Suite. Below is the list of questions in the inteview, which you can also watch below:

27 October 2020 — Deputy Editor

Sber is to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to improve its Centre for Corporate Solutions (CCS) and save over 7,000 hours of time spent on calls every month.

The single work space (SWS) system for operators has added a service using NLP, which transcribes the voice of callers into text in real time, analyses and classifies the query, finds the required information, and advises the operator on how to help the customer.


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04 August 2020

THETA, the specialist provider of buy-side trading technology as a service, has been accepted onto the Microsoft for Startups programme.

Through this programme, THETA will continue to build a strategic collaborative technology partnership with Microsoft. With access to a variety of Microsoft technical and business resources including partners and tools, the firm will continue to build and scale its business and service offerings covering cloud technology, best practice, and business development.

27 April 2020

CFH, the prime of prime broker, has joined the Gold-i Matrix NETwork, extending its liquidity coverage to include Hedge Funds and Asset Managers.

Through Matrix NET, CFH can offer a direct connection to a Fund Manager via FIX API, providing trading transparency, P&L visibility, and reporting.

23 April 2020

Banco Monex has become the first Latin American third-party service provider of CLS’s payment-versus-payment (PvP) FX settlement service, CLSSettlement.

Banco Monex has been a CLSSettlement member since 2018 and now is enabling its clients to participate as third parties, helping them to mitigate settlement risk while significantly enhancing liquidity efficiencies for the Mexican market.